Hello Staticman

and goodbye Disqus

I have been reworking my fork of BeautifulHugo to improve the results in Lighthouse and at this point one of the problems I am consistently running across is the performance impacts caused by Disqus.

I was sort of hoping that there was some way (even if I had to pay for it) to utilize Disqus w/out needing to evoke a stack of privacy-tracking non-sense.. Alas, it looks like even if I paid (and trusted) Disqus to embed stacks of privacy invacive hooks into the site, their hooks are still so poorly written as to be a significant impact to any sort of page performance.

All this has lead me to the conclusion that I should likely ditch Disqus and instead activate/integrate with StaticMan (not to mention that I really like the approaches that StaticMan and Netlify take). Unfortunately, these tools do not play well with Keybase out of the box, and as such I suspect I will need to migrate everything over to GitHub Pages and migrate back to Keybase at some later date.

Originally I was hoping that having the page going would encourage me to get around to finishing up some code I have sitting on the sidelines for doing automation w/in the Keybase framework. Instead I am super eager to get the core of the website reaching my vision of a working state. I suppose this is a good thing as it also means that, should I ever get back to working on the Keybase side of the code, I have a solid known good reference point to work from.

So, for the sake of “get’er done”, I have decided to rework the website to work w/ GitHub Pages.

This will give me:

Working w/ Staticman has also triggered an urge to dust off my gitrack project and see about coming up with a similar solution. I will see about moving that higher up the queue in my backlog..

I have also been pondering the core format of how I want to approach the goal that is “organizing my mental chaos” and I have been pondering a sort of multi-tiered approach.

  1. Brainstorm/Planning: Produce my Ramblings here in Markdown. Cleanup these draft posts and publish them once I feel there is enough content here to help direct me towards a real final goal.

  2. The Doing: I have an account on Twitch which I have from time-to-time used to capture video content of various games I play and I have had a few people mention that they would “really love” to see a stream of Fuzzy and myself working on code/projects together … (seems people enjoy our sense of humor). We have pondered actually making this happen more than once, but we just never seemed to have any really good time to make it work. I am thinking I am going to just start streaming my entire process of implementing my ramblings.

  3. Final Cut: Put together a final TL;DR version of the rambling which is cleaned up, contains copies of all the relivant files, and potentially includes an edited/cleaned up reference video.

Anyway, for now I need to:

  1. Move the site to GitHub Pages.
  2. Setup a GitHub Workflow to test all pull-requests.
  3. Integrate StaticMan

note: A staticman instance is setup and running, I have just not tested the integration with GitHub yet.

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