Hello Staticman

and goodbye Disqus

I have been reworking my fork of BeautifulHugo to improve the results in Lighthouse and at this point one of the problems I am consistently running across is the performance impacts caused by Disqus. I was sort of hoping that there was some way (even if I had to pay for it) to utilize Disqus w/out needing to evoke a stack of privacy-tracking non-sense.. Alas, it looks like even if I paid (and trusted) Disqus to embed stacks of privacy invacive hooks into the site, their hooks are still so poorly written as to be a significant impact to any sort of page performance. [Read More]

First Post

In the beginning .. there wasn't Hugo

Well, here is that notorious first post. Basically playing with Hugo in an attempt to see how well it fits my workflow patterns. So far I am relatively happy with the tool .. though I feel like the Quick Start tutorial leaves a little to be desired. It is entirely possible that I am a little too technically minded and I just want the CliffsNotes version. [read: I am not the target audience . [Read More]
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