Hugo Workflow

A local-only CI/CD solution

I am a huge fan of fail fast view as part of my CI/CD, DevOps, and even general development practices. There are some pretty crazy ideas out there about when testing should be done, and I have known some developers whom insist that doing pre-commit and pre-push testing just slows down development. I always found this a little wild, I have never had pre-commit tests take that long, but I realize inexperienced programmers may very well be running their entire test suite on every commit. [Read More]

Hugo + Pre-Commit

How to get to were I want to be...

Now that I am done with my first pass of working with Hugo I still have areas to work on. One of the ones that is currently the most annoying to me is fixing the Cache Busting situation w/in the theme I picked. As I have not been able to locate a simple+direct way of moving all assets to leveraging Cache Busting names, I am stuck with doing some heavy lifting to the theme. [Read More]